Content of UBT Platform

Step 1: Expansion of Platform Partnerships

The UBT platform offers a low payment fee rate of about 0% to all partners, providing benefits. This expands the partnership network both online and offline, benefiting the entire ecosystem of the UBT platform.

Step 2:Incentives of platform users

Incentivizing Platform Users With the expansion of partners, it's expected that more users will adopt UBT tokens for payments. This not only incentivizes investment in UBT tokens but also contributes to increasing the user base of the UBT platform. Partners affiliated with the UBT Alliance will leverage big data to expand users through various marketing and reward policies.

Step 3: Platform Expansion

The UBT Foundation reinvests generated revenue to expand the platform. This includes active investment in various sectors such as startups, renewable energy, bio, and new materials industries, aiming to provide more benefits to platform participants and promote expansion into P2P platforms.

Step 4: Platform Circulation

Revenue generated within the UBT platform is reinvested to build new business platforms and expand the ecosystem. This establishes a self-sustaining revenue model, attracts new participants within the platform, and continuously increases the value of the UBT platform.

UBT Ecosystem Composition

  • Nodes and Peers: Participants managing the UBT blockchain, responsible for tasks like block creation and verification.

  • Wallet Providers: Provide wallet services supporting UBT token payments, connecting users and merchants.

  • Franchise store: Accept UBT token payments online and offline, offering discounts and promotional benefits to promote UBT token usage.

  • Users: Users who make payments using UBT tokens at merchants, benefiting from low fees and various perks. They play a central role in improving user experience and shaping the ecosystem.

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