Blockchaion Technology

Support for multiple cryptocurrencies

To utilize cryptocurrencies for real-world payments, overcoming price volatility is essential. Various projects propose stablecoins as a solution, effectively maintaining value stability. However, implementing stablecoins for global services requires complex procedures, such as backing them with each country's fiat currency. Additionally, managing and holding fiat currency to support a single stablecoin is realistically challenging.

UBT tokens prioritize the dissemination and proliferation of payment solutions, rather than stabilizing cryptocurrency price volatility. The UBT platform provides a framework for utilizing various cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

  • Support for Multi-Signature Transactions: The UBT network supports multi-signature transactions, enabling complex transactions that require multiple signatures.

  • Ring Signature: Ring signatures consist of digital signatures held by members of a user group and endorsed by someone within that group.

  • Dual-Key Stealth Addresses: Addresses issued by UBT differ from standard cryptocurrency addresses, providing better privacy and preventing eavesdroppers from tracking transactions between two addresses.

Through these features, UBT protects and maintains user experiences in a private manner. Additionally, by combining cryptographic techniques like zero-knowledge proofs, UBT safeguards user privacy.

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