Vision of UBT

The mission of UBT Group is to provide access to digital assets for people worldwide in a manner that is easy, secure, and compliant. Leveraging blockchain technology, the Group aims to democratize access to wealth and expand investment opportunities beyond digital assets to include tokenization of real-world assets, thus providing exclusive investment opportunities in a more extensive and convenient manner.

Your location and the scope of your assets are not important. The UBT platform will ensure equal access to excellent investment opportunities and borderless wealth, irrespective of regional boundaries and the dominance of Wall Street. Just as the internet made access to information readily available, blockchain will democratize access to value and money. UBT believes and practices that financial freedom is as crucial as freedom of the press.

Beyond new digital assets, spaces such as real estate, venture capital, and private equity funds are currently dominated by high minimum investment thresholds and limited liquidity, accessible only to large investors. Tokenization has been established to address this issue by making alternative investments partial, accessible, and more liquid.

Access to investment opportunities and protection under stable and independent jurisdictions are privileges primarily enjoyed by individuals in advanced countries. The legal frameworks of banking systems in developing countries like Laos and countries like South Korea protect customer privacy and safety. Additionally, the open approach of financial regulatory authorities towards cryptocurrency businesses makes them an ideal place to address issues of accessibility, legitimacy, and data protection in the cryptocurrency space.

The unique service proposition of the UBT platform is easy, secure, and compliant access to alternative investments for investors, regardless of their wealth or location. For traditional investors, it resolves legitimacy and security issues in the crypto space and provides access to alternative investments that are currently unavailable to them. The alternative investment industry, worth approximately $10 trillion, is accessible only to wealthy and influential individuals in advanced countries today. Tokenization of assets aims to democratize access to wealth, irrespective of net worth and location.

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