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Support System of UBT Platform

UBT's Commercialization Strategy

  1. Cryptocurrency Wallet Technology: UBT adopts innovative Proof of Stake automation technology based on fully decentralized blockchain, providing secure cryptocurrency wallets. This enables asset transactions between users to occur anonymously without the presence of hackers or observers.

  2. Simplification of Payment Processes: Leveraging blockchain technology, UBT simplifies payment processes and reduces unnecessary verification costs, minimizing the burden on service providers.

  3. International Payment Solutions: UBT expands its business scope by offering integrated payment solutions that enable payment processing without separate infrastructure, focusing on underdeveloped and conservative payment habit countries.

  4. Low Fee Policy: UBT provides a policy allowing merchants to transact with a monthly fee as low as 0.25% through merchant services, offering cost-saving benefits to merchants.

  5. Issuance of Multi-Currency Cryptocurrency Credit Cards: Through VIP cards, UBT supports various financial transactions, allowing access to assets at millions of physical and online merchants, as well as real cash ATMs.

  6. Support for UBT-PAY App Utilizing Blockchain Technology: UBT-PAY is an app optimized for Android and iOS environments, allowing users to easily trade digital coins like UBT or Bitcoin anytime, anywhere. It also enables swapping between gaming money, points, and global payments.

Through these diverse services and technologies, UBT provides users with an innovative and secure trading platform.

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