๐Ÿš›UBT Bio Distribution

The UBT Token platform focuses on establishing a system for the advancement of bio-technology and distribution of products. To achieve this, it is establishing an efficient and organic distribution structure and fund distribution structure while addressing various technological challenges.

The distribution structure encompasses both online and offline channels to ensure smooth product distribution. This provides customers with easy and quick accessibility while ensuring the safe and prompt delivery of products. Additionally, it strengthens direct connections between producers and consumers, reducing intermediary fees and maximizing benefits for both parties.

The fund distribution structure aims for fair distribution of funds among investors, developers, producers, and distributors. This supports the development of innovative technologies and products and promotes overall ecosystem growth by supplying them to the market. Moreover, it offers investors opportunities to efficiently utilize investment funds and generate stable and sustainable returns.

Through these distribution and fund distribution structures, the UBT platform efficiently manages the advancement of bio-technology and product distribution. This strengthens the connection between producers and consumers, contributing to the overall development of the industry ecosystem.

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