Market Trends/Possibilities

Global Health Care Food Marketablilty

Healthcare Food Market Trends:

  1. Dancut (Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Improvement):

  • Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Metabolic Disease Care Market Reaches 100 Trillion Annual Revenue

  • According to the IDF, the global diabetic population is expected to reach approximately 800 million by 2045, with healthcare costs estimated at around 778 trillion won.

  1. Cell Nutrients (Improving immunity, Cell Activation)

  • Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in diabetic patients, and according to IDF statistics, the proportion of diabetic patients is expected to continue to increase, and health costs are expected to increase significantly.

  • The global healthcare market is larger than the semiconductor and automobile markets combined, and many IT companies invest heavily in the global healthcare industry.

  • As companies with artificial intelligence and big data technology are entering the bio industry, there is a high possibility of expanding the market.

Value & Growth of UBT

  • We are uniquely dealing with the basic principles of the human body.

  • Development and Data: Healthcare Data Analysis Applications.

  • Realize: Utilize analysis and application information systems to provide services.

  • Service Delivery: Provides prescriptions and rewards based on data.

  • 100%: Existing data and active material = 99%, seapolynol & Leading Platform = 1%

Value Proposition:

  1. UBT Platform: Leading and Rewarding Healthcare Platform

  • It is expected that the value will increase by incorporating personalized healthcare algorithms into the platform.

  1. UBT tokens will not be sold after pre-sale

  • After pre-sale, the only way to acquire UBT tokens is through participation in the M2F platform or post-listed exchanges. End users need to be active on the M2F Global Healthcare Platform for a certain period of time to be recognized as a leader and benefit from rewards, so it is expected that UBT's demand and supply system management will increase its value.

  1. UBT Foundation's Core Technical Value Is KRW 1.14 trillion (Accounting Valuation in March 2022)

  • Developing personalized products using core technologies.

These market trends and possibilities are expected to provide opportunities for UBT to develop innovative products and services to achieve sustained growth in the healthcare market.

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