Business Plan

The world we live in is rapidly evolving, with advancements in modern information and communication technology progressively interconnecting with other fields, shaping the landscape of new industries. At the heart of this evolution lies the increasing value of blockchain, the core technology of cryptocurrencies, with numerous platforms leveraging blockchain emerging and engaging in fierce competition.

UBT aims to expand global user participation through listing on global cryptocurrency exchanges and, through the following projects, contribute to humanity's progress with users' benefits realized and positive impact exerted:

  1. Cryptocurrencies and Non-Security Tokens (Protocols, Utilities, Payment Tokens)

  2. Bioindustry Utility Tokens

  3. Asset Tokenization Securities Tokens for Corporate Stocks, Real Estate, Cryptocurrencies, Venture Capital, and Private Equity Funds

Most online marketplaces or networks face scalability issues upon launch, a phenomenon known as the chicken-and-egg problem. Translated into the terminology of investment platforms, it can be formalized as follows: "As the number and quality of investment opportunities provided through third-party asset issuers increase, the attractiveness of the platform to investors grows. Conversely, an increasing number of investors enhance the appeal for asset issuers to place their assets on the platform." This phenomenon is referred to by economists as network effects. The value of a platform to a given user largely depends on the number of users on the opposite side of the network, and once the market reaches a tipping point, network effects kick in, and growth follows a geometric trajectory rather than linear.

UBT aims at a multifaceted market, with the primary goal of achieving network effects and rapid growth. Through this, new possibilities in scaling can be found, creating a token (crypto) economy that generates its wealth through new business models and P2P transaction relationships among participants. This is the primary objective of introducing the UBT token as the platform's native currency. The token's design aims to create incentives for participants to contribute to value creation on the UBT platform and receive benefits.

Providing appropriate incentives and benefits is crucial to attracting a large-scale community consisting of investors, asset issuers, and contributors. Therefore, token functionalities are structured around providing utility to platform users. A circular token economy is created through built-in mechanisms that allow participants to acquire UBT tokens through contributions but spend them when availing services or placing bets to gain special benefits.

With this goal in mind, the UBT token serves as a tool to achieve deeper involvement of a broader community of investors, partners, and contributors, who are the primary beneficiaries of the platform's growth. The UBT project aims for global reach.

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